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Spirit Walk Paranormal is a Paranormal Investigative Team based out of Morgantown, West Virginia. Being a believer in the otherworldly and wanting to dive deeper into the unknown, in the fall of 2017 Danny Strakal started his investigations surrounding the WVU Coed Murders. 

SWP has been able to investigate some never before investigated locations such as the Robinson Grand Theater, Morgantown Public Library, a disbanded Odd Fellows Lodge & much more. In 2020, a family contacted the SWP crew about a multitude of activity in their home. It turned into the biggest residential case the SWP crew had taken on and launched their YouTube Channel.


Since then, the SWP Crew has been able to investigate more well known locations such as Old Hospital on College Hill, Madison Seminary, Fairfield County Infirmary, Greene County Almshouse,

Archive of the Afterlife,

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park & more.



Check out the Show

Head over to the Spirit Walk Paranormal YouTube Channel to Watch
All of the Investigations.

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