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What We're About

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Dark Hills Media is a production company located in Morgantown, West Virginia and owned by Danny Strakal.


Danny is a West Virginia native who has had a passion for Art since his youth, with drawing and painting, leading up to his University Studies of Fine Arts. In 2018 he started filming & editing episodes for his web series

Spirit Walk Paranormal, this grew his passion for cinematography and photography. Over the next few years, while growing his online presence on YouTube & Instagram, he has been able to work on multiple projects and events with numerous clients, producing cinematic works of art through detail oriented planning and design. 

Some of his most notable works involved working with Actor Tony Moran (Halloween 1978) which landed an article in Fox News. Danny has also had the opportunity to work with Milwaukee Tool, Ocular Sounds, Soaraw, American Paranormal & more.

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